How I Can Help You

When you really and truly step onto your spiritual journey many things will be shown to you to work on but really, it’s your choice how fast or how slow you walk this path. What is important is to reach out for help.

I personally never chose the easy path… What it means is that life is particularly intense and chaotic and challenging at times. I am grateful for every moment as I have learnt a lot. I am still learning. Does it mean I am enjoying every moment? Not really but I can see the bigger picture which makes it a bit easier to cope with many things.

See being on a spiritual path means going through the process of purification. We love being uplifted and living in the light but in order to sustain that frequency and keep uplifting ourselves we need to shed and clear the old patterns, habits and energies.

It can feel so intense at times, so much so that we are struggling to go there at times, that place of deep feeling and surrendering, the Void.

Your journey need not be a lonely one. Through 1 to 1 sessions, group healings and workshops I can support you through times of intense purification.

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