Golden Chalice – Distant Group Healing


Over the next few months we have an amazing opportunity to go through a very powerful transformation process.

Old wounds will be activated in our energy field to be brought to our awareness so we can release them.

With all long lasting processes there has to be a purification time that would make space for the new energy and the new self.

Working with the energy of beloved Mary Magdalene – on her feast day – we will be supported through our transformation process by accessing our inner wisdom and knowledge and understand how to use this as guidance every day.

Gift yourself the support you need to navigate these times with a bit more ease and grace by taking part in our distant group healing.

As with any distant healing you can tune in at the given time or you can set the intention to receive the energy once you start listening to the recording. Either way create a sacred space for this experience. You can do this by cleansing your space with incense, sage or sound and light a candle or more. Dedicate this time to yourself. If you unsure how to do this please get in touch as I’m happy to help. Email me at

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