Animal Magic Totem Readings

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  • How will your journey be unfolding in 2017?What will you be working towards mastering in 2017?Which unique animal, mythical being and/or elemental being will be working by your side over the next 6-12 months supporting you to manifest your heart’s desires for your highest good and greatest joy?

    A long time ago people would go through a vision quest and connect to their totem animal that would influence their entire life with the wisdom and the qualities within that particular animal.

    These days due to the rapid change and massive shift of our beloved planet Earth we go through life needing and embodying different specific qualities and working with a totem animal gives us an insight into what are we working towards embodying and integrating bit by bit. What took a lifetimes to do we have an amazing chance to do it much faster.

    In supporting you through the changes and help you understand where you are heading towards I offer

    Animal Magic Totem Readings

    Readings include:

    20-30 minute intuitive reading using the Transference Healing® Animal Magic cards, including your Male Power, your Female Power and your Unity Power – recorded mp3

    10-15 minute personal meditation to support the integration of the positive qualities of your Totem animal, mythical and/or elemental being that you can listen to on a monthly basis to support the integration of the frequencies – recorded mp3

    Space reserved in a Group Sacred Circle of Fire ceremony to enhance a deep state of purification and healing

    Cost: £35

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    These readings can be done in person or distant with an mp3 emailed to you or a CD (additional P&P) sent by mail.

    I would love to be of service and guide you if you feel drawn to working with me.