Sweet Mother of Mine

We are all on a healing journey. Some of us ignore the signposts and carry on regardless and some of us stop and try to figure out where we are and where we are heading. Unfortunately, there is no sat nav or map to help us but it starts with our mother.

.. or maybe there is if we are able to access our inner guidance.

I often hear people saying that they do things in a certain way because that’s what their parents did or that they are the way they are because of their parents. Let me be clear, I know that many people face abusive and challenging situations whilst growing up and my heart goes out to them.

However, at some point we can choose to make the decision to transcend our past and move on or risk being trapped in it throughout our lives, repeating old patterns of behaviour and re-living past traumas.

Helping people move on from their past is at the core of the work I do with Transference HealingTransference Healing®; helping people access their own inner guidance and to heal, evolve and transform into a new state of consciousness.

And now it is March and this month we are celebrating the women in our lives. We do that on the 8th or March when celebrating International Woman’s Day  and on the 26th of March when we have Mother’s Day.

We celebrate the women that have carried a baby in their wombs and the ones that have opened their arms and hearts to children without carrying them for 9 months and the ones that have chosen another path.

We honour all of them as all have enriched our existence.

For me March is a time above all others when I find myself thinking deeply about my mother. I feel truly fortunate to have her still on this plane of existence. To be honest, our relationship has not been always harmonious. We still have moments now when we disagree and push each others buttons quite a bit.

But I have come to understand that our family is our biggest teacher.

As much as my mother challenges me at times, I am challenging for her too for sure. This is how we learn and how we grow.

Being a mum myself to a beautiful toddler, I know how difficult motherhood can be. Nobody truly prepares you for how challenging it is. Kids don’t come with a manual. Motherhood pushes you to dig deeper than you have ever done before. It brings up to the surface both the light and the dark. One challenge follows hard on the heels of another. Motherhood is an ongoing process of constant learning and unlearning and learning again.

I have come to understand how relentless a mother’s love can be despite what life throws at you.

I have come to see my mother for the human being she is with qualities and flaws but always striving to do the best she can with what she knows and where she is in her own journey. I can see in my own journey through motherhood that being the perfect mother is not achievable or realistic or even desirable. We find out who we are and become who we are not in the easy, idyllic times, but by working through and overcoming the challenges that life, and motherhood, throws at us.

The more I am able to forgive myself for the less glamorous moments of motherhood when I lose my patience, the more I am able to open my heart and welcome my mother in that space with unconditional love.

If you are ready to start that process or would like to explore this part of your healing journey further, please join me for the “Sweet Mother” Absentee Group Healing I’m hosting on the 26th of March. You don’t have to be present in person as I will be working energetically.

To find out more about how it works and book a space please click here

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